The e-Learning program for SWIM Sustain Water MED offers two e-Learning courses for experts from the Water & Sanitation sector:

«Sector Governance in Urban Sanitation» highlights the organizational, economical and financial aspects of sanitation and the institutional framework which needs to be considered when planing for sanitation systems.

The course «New Sanitation Systems & Technologies» introduces a broad range of sanitation systems and innovative technologies for decentralized sanitation approaches and presents specific advantages and disadvantages of the promoted technologies.

Course Methodology

The courses use the Cooperative Learning Approach – an educational approach which aims to organize learning activities into academic and social learning experiences.
Participants work in groups to complete tasks collectively toward the goals of the course. Unlike individual learning, a cooperative learning process can capitalize on one another’s resources and skills (asking one another for information, evaluating one another’s ideas, monitoring one another’s work, etc.).

The group work and the communication among participants make use of «Social Media» in form of a closed Facebook group. These collaboration area and the course itself can be accessed by smart-phones, tablets or computers.

Every course offers additional expert's input online-lectures, held by representatives of the SWIM Sustain Water MED partner organizations with the possibility to take part at an interactive discussion forum, using VoIP (Voice over IP).

Participants are supported in all their learning and collaboration activities by «e-tutors» who are guiding participants through the course process.