Water Quality Management

Tunis - Djerba 
From 12-16 May 2014, Djerba Plaza Thalsso & Spa

Duration: 5 days, for 34  participants 

Target Group: Decision makers from Water Ministries of the partner countries

Objectives: Participants from the region are familiar with water quality management  instruments as tool for good water governance

Expected Results:

  • Good practices of water quality managements tools from Tunisia are demonstrated


  • Establishing of an early warning efficient water quality control system
  • Principle of good water governance
  • Water quality contract
  • Safe uses of secondary treated  effluents for irrigation
  • Selection of crops
  • Ground water quality monitoring
  • Economical benefits of waste waster reuse
  • Monitoring of effluent quality
  • Environmental and health aspects
  • Climate change adaptation aspects