Decentralized Wastewater Treatment and Reuse

Amman - Jordan
Corp Hotel 

Duration: 5 days for 28 participants

Target Group: Experts and decision makers from the partner countries

Objectives: This training aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the principles, technology, and benefits of DWWTR. The participants learn to assess the feasibility of proposed strategies and how to apply them in their respective countries.

Expected Results:

  • The training intends to introduce and promote Decentralized Wastewater Management (DWWM) as a management strategy towards Adapted Integrated Water Resources Management (AIWRM).
  • Through the training the participants will learn how to identify the various components of a DWWM system, explore the latest DWWTR technologies, including their design, operation and maintenance aspects and exchange experiences on different national standards and guidelines.
  • Participants will receive an overview of how to plan and conduct environmental, health and socioeconomic impact assessments.

Content and Training Material:

 Evaluation results:

More than 80% of the participants confirmed that the training contents are relevant for their work. 

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