Training on planing for DWWT for the Public Security Directorate (PSD) staff

Amman - Jordan
2-3 March ,2015 at the Nabil Wakileh company, Amman.

Duration: 2 days for 5 participants.

Target Group: PSD staff working in direct relation with the wastewater treatment plant.

Objectives: The training objective was to provide more information and knowledge about the Decentralized Wastewater Technologies and components of each system.


Day 1: Theoretical Training


  • WWTP Capacities & Classifications
  • Difference Between Centralized & Decentralized WWTP (Approach, Ownership “Public & Private”, Planning, Management and Operation & Maintenance).

Planing for the DWWT Plant


  • Case Study
  • Feasibility
  • EIA Study (Environmental Impact Assessment)
  • Design parameters (loading), site selection, technology selection, equipment selection, and TOR (Terms of Reference), Tendering and tender evaluation.
  • Construction, supervision and taking over

 Day 2: Field visit 

  • Field visit to SMART project site in Fuhais




Training on Using Treated Wastewater in Irrigation For the Public Security Directorate (PSD)

Amman - Jordan
19-20 October ,2014 at the Head Quarter of Public Security Directorate (PSD).

Duration: 2 days for 10 participants.

Target Group: PSD staff working in direct relation with the irrigation system.

Objectives: To provide general information about wastewater reuse in irrigation, the components of the system, inform how to monitor and maintain it, and relay safety and health aspects for safe handling of the system.


Day 1: Theoretical Training

  • Introduction
  • Wastewater production and reuse (in Jordan in general, and in PSD in particular)
  • Wastewater characteristics and terminology
  • Processes and practices at the PSD premises
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Treated wastewater reuse in landscape irrigation
  • Landscape irrigation system main components
  • Management of landscape irrigation systems
  • Maintenance of landscape irrigation systems
  • Emitter clogging and system flushing
  • Safety measures and practices with regard to treated wastewater
  • Soil salinity management and leaching
  • Soil Infiltration Rate
  • Fertigation - the incorporation fertilizers, soil amendments, or other water-soluble products through an irrigation system
  • The Best Management Practices Manual based (on PSD conditions)

Day 2: Practical training


  • The kind of equipment that is used for treated wastewater
  • The filtration system
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Questions and remarks

»Training agenda[PDF]

»Training report [PDF]

»Training Presentation