The Approach

National Level

Carrying out pilot activities on adequate wastewater treatment and reuse in 4 target countries (Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia).

The pilot activities will demonstrate innovative approaches to different stages of sustainable integrated wastewater treatment and reuse,  especially the reuse of treated municipal wastewater for irrigation.

Regional Level

Regional knowledge exchange and capacity building 

In order to ensure a common approach that allows for mutual learning and comparison of results, a common framework will be established. This common framework approach will include the following tasks:

  • Development of common methodological frameworks for baseline assessment for pilot activities
  • Development of methodologies for assessing social, economic and environmental effects of wastewater treatment and reuse, 
  • Elaboration of a compendium that provides information, case studies, lessons learned and best practices for different types of wastewater treatment and reuse 
  • Regional knowledge exchange: Establishment of a regional Steering committee, implementation of 4 regional knowledge exchange workshops including site visits to pilot activities
  • Regional training courses for decision makers from the pilot activities