SWIM-Sustain Water MED Conference on ‘Sustainable Integrated Wastewater Management in the Mediterranean’

SWIM-Sustain Water MED Conference ‘Sustainable Integrated Wastewater Management in the Mediterranean’,

1-2 December 2014, Sharm El Shaikh, Egypt.

It is a pleasure to launch the SWIM-Sustain Water MED conference  ‘Sustainable Integrated Wastewater Treatment and Reuse in the Mediterranean Region’ from December 1-2, 2014 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

The southern Mediterranean region is experiencing increasing water shortages. This situation is exacerbated by climate change impacts as well as rising water demand resulting from growing populations and expanding economic sectors in the region’s countries. The safe use of non-conventional water resources offer viable options for sustainable solutions.

The conference will address the latest and most pertinent issues regarding non-conventional water resources.

 The two-day conference is organized as part of the SWIM Sustain Water MED project, funded by the European Union and the German Government. The project aims to demonstrate context-adapted and cost-effective technologies for improved non-conventional water resources management as well as highlight necessary accompanying stakeholder engagement, capacity development and management measures. In this context, pilot projects are implemented in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan and a regional exchange network for mutual learning is established.

By organizing this conference, the SWIM Sustain Water MED project aims to exchange and disseminate knowledge on engineering best practices, successful case studies, and innovative solutions in the field of non-conventional water resources management. The SWIM Sustain Water MED Conference will be the platform that brings together water professionals, policymakers, private institutions, industry leaders, experts, consultants, regulators, academics, and practitioners.