SWIM 6th Regional meeting, from 7-11 of June, 2015, Bologna - Italy

The meeting brought together the SWIM teams from Jordan, Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia, the partners ENEA and Adelphi Research GmbH. The meeting discussed the final evaluation and objective achievements of the whole project since it starts in 2012. With the project coming to a close in March 2016, partners were also eagerly discussing sustainability issues and steps to guarantee their activities’ post-project outreach


SWIM 5th Regional meeting, from 3-4 of December, 2014 at Savoy Hotel, Sharm El Shaikh - Egypt

The meeting brought together the SWIM teams from Jordan, Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia, the partners ENEA and Adelphi Research GmbH and the SWIM coordination team from Amman/Jordan.  Additionally a representative from the EU office in Cairo attended the meeting in addition to the evaluation team of Ebba Augustin and Thomas De Beyer.

The meeting aimed to:

  • Receiving feedback by all partner countries on activities carried out since the June 2014 regional meeting;
  • Establishing common ground on the progress in compiling the compendium and assessment of effects;
  • Getting the feedback of the SWIM partners on open questions in the evaluation process, such as on the regional approach of SWIM, the cause for the delays in pilots and prospects of pilot sustainability and replicability;
  • Gaining insights into the current status of the ongoing evaluation of SWIM and into the preliminary findings of the team;
  • Review and finalize plans for scheduled activities until September 2015;
  • Get together as SWIM teams and exchange ideas and experiences.


Egyptian- Jordanian Exchange Workshop " Decentralized Wastewater Treatment and Reuse", from 20-21 August 2014, Dead Sea -Jordan

The Egyptian-Jordanian Exchange Workshop aimed at enabling an exchange of experiences between Jordanian and Egyptian policy makers on the topic of decentralized wastewater management (DWWM). A special emphasis was placed on challenges and lessons learnt regarding technical, socio-economic and political aspects. Acknowledging the rich pool of expertise present at the workshop, the Open Space method was chosen to encourage participants to choose and discuss the topics that they esteemed most relevant within the context of DWWM.

The workshop also aspired to building cooperation bridges between wastewater management specialists from both countries in order to continue the exchange as strategies in both countries roll out.


SWIM 4th Regional meeting, from 16th - 17th June, 2014 at Golden Tulip Hotel, Rabat

This meeting aimed for consortium partners to review achievements and challenges encountered in the first half of 2014.

  • Presenting planned activities of the second half of the year. 
  • To determine concrete steps for the Impact Assessment strategy of each pilot project that will be developed together with the European Partners (Adelphi, ENEA).
  • Summary report [PDF]


SWIM Regional meeting, from 5th - 6th December, 2013 at Relaxa Hotel, Berlin

The meeting aimed to assessing the level of achievement of project objectives based on the project log-frame and Regional Action Plan and discussing solutions for encountered challenges/obstacles.


  • Developing a detailed implementation plan for 2014 for each SWIM partner country that follows the deliverables of the SWIM offer. 
  • Get together as SWIM teams and exchange ideas and experiences.



2nd Regional Coordination Meeting in Tunis, Tunisia in May 2013

The meeting aimed to involve all consortium members in a regional exchange. 28 experts attended the meeting representing all consortium members as well as representatives from the EU Tunisia and related GIZ projects. The meeting’s objectives included:

·         Present status reviews and exchange lessons learned between the different pilot projects.

·         Assess individual pilot projects according to the 5 success factors of Capacity Works: Strategy, Steering, Cooperation, Processes and Learning and Innovation.

·         Confirm the Action Plan for the second half of 2013, focusing on:

o    Administrative and financial issues

o    The individual socio-economic and environmental impact assessments

o    Additions to the Capacity Development Strategy

o    Outreach and Visibility Strategy


1st Regional Coordination Meeting in Amman, Jordan in December 2012

During the First Regional Meeting of the SWIM Sustain Water MED project, participants, representing almost all consortium partners, reported on the progress of their pilot activities. In most countries, National Steering Committees had been established and the baseline assessment were either at the end stages or in preparation. The Minutes of Meeting summarize the progress reviewed and actions planned.