The Project


The overall objective of the Network of Demonstration Activities for Sustainable Integrated Wastewater Treatment and Reuse in the Mediterranean SWIM-Sustain Water MED is to contribute to the security of water resources supply in the Mediterranean region. The specific objective is to improve sustainable integrated management of non-conventional water resources in the partner countries.  

Expected results

  • To draw the attention of partner countries decision makers and stakeholders on the existence of adequate reuse-oriented low-cost wastewater treatment technologies
  • To support partner countries in designing and implementing sustainable water management policies with regards to adequate treatment and reuse of wastewater
  • To contribute to the development of necessary planning and management skills at the local and national levels and facilitate regional know how transfer and cooperation

Target Groups

National and local authorities and agencies responsible for water, agriculture, environment, municipalities and local governments, water and wastewater utilities, water user associations, farmer associations, community based organisations.


  • The health-safe and environmental friendly applicability of effluents from low-cost innovative treatment technologies for crop irrigation is demonstrated.
  • Good agricultural and water quality monitoring practices and state of the art treatment technologies are widely disseminated at national and regional levels as opportune. 
  • Replication of the approaches is proven through exchange of experiences, transfer of know-how and technologies across the target countries.