Ecological Sanitation (ECOSAN) and Rainwater Management

Rabat - Morocco
( 24th- 28th  June 2013 )

Duration: 5 days for 17 participants

Target Group: The course is designed for professionals in the partner countries of SWIM Sustain Water MED who deal with planning, promoting, designing, operating or managing sanitation systems for urban, peri-urban or rural areas.

Participants are typically employed by government departments (water, wastewater, environment, health, municipalities, agriculture, and energy), civil society organizations and/or research institutions/universities. 

Objectives: The training course aims to equip policy-makers related to sanitation issues with the relevant background information and practical know-how in order to assess feasibility and implementation possibilities for ECOSAN systems in their countries.

Expected Results:

  • Introduce and increase knowledge of policy-maker participants in training on construction techniques of installations of ecological sanitation.
  • Introduce and increase knowledge of policy-makers participants in training on rainwater harvesting, stormwater management and ecological management of rivers.
  • Promote agricultural and energy reuse of waste water and excreta


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